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Name: Paul J. Langford

Birthday: April 2

Dan: Shichidan


Martial Arts Training in:






Small Circle Jujitsu



Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Book:

King James Bible

Favorite Movie: Aliens

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Quote: “Some say

that knowledge is power

but I say the application of knowledge is power.”

My favorite music group:

Duran Duran

    Soke Langford  was introduced to the martial arts at the age of seven in Asheville,  N.C.  Upon moving to Catawba County in 1984, he continued his pursuit under the instruction of Sensei Larry Beal in the Balls Creek area, in the style Carucado.  The school moved to Newton, NC in 1990, where Soke Langford received his Shodan from Carolina Karate Association in March of 1992.  

    He became the head instructor shortly thereafter when his sensei retired, and has also continued his own studies in Aikido, Kyusho-Jitsu, Tuite, Shotokan Karate, and Jujitsu.  Due to philosophy differences with the association, he decided to leave and developed his own style in 2005 called Teashikido. With a genuine love of martial arts, Soke Langford believes in maintaining a traditional style with heritage, along with practical self defense techniques, in a full-range art. He continues to lead the school, dedicating his time, effort and energy to the advancement and perfection of their students.  

Soke Langford