Our Dojo

Our Dojo History

    The earliest history that we have shows that In Yun Pyung/Byung taught Chang Mu Kwan at a YMCA in Seoul Korea in 1946. Later Sensei Pyung/Byung was killed in the Korean War. Nam Suk Lee assumed control after the war in 1953. For some time Chang Moo Kwan was the leading self defense method in Korea.

    In 1955 Gen. Choi Hong Hi collected all Kwan' s and formed Tae Kwan Do. In 1963 Duk Sung Son came from Korea to the U.S. and was the teacher of Jhoon Rhee. Later his student Chu Duk Ki began to teach in Salisbury, NC. His students Bassinger and Misenheimer started Southern Karate Association. In 1970 their student Richard Yount taught Sensei Presnell, Sensei Allen, Sensei Godbey and Sensei Cope.

    These instructors began Carolina Karate Association in 1975 (style taught was Carucado). Sensei Godbey and Sensei Allen were Sensei Beal' s instructors. Our school began in the early 1980s at a local Lions Club in Catawba County, North Carolina. Founder Hanshi Beal broke away from a Y.M.C.A. karate class to begin his own dojo. Sensei Joe Randall became the first to achieve a black belt at this new school at the age of 14.

    In 1990 the school moved to Newton N.C. where Sensei Paul Langford, Sensei Matsuda, and Sensei Lineberger all received their black belts. Shortly after obtaining this goal, this group decided to leave the Carolina Karate Association. After a few years Sensei Paul Langford took over as head instructor. In 2012 the school expanded to a new location in Newton N.C. Soke Langford continues to teach at Core Martial Arts Academy with the support of the other instructors.

Black Belt Lineage