Sensei Williams

Name: George H. Williams

Birthday: July 1, 1958

Dan: Nidan


Martial Arts Training in:

Goju-ru (Godan)

Pro Fights 3 wins 0 Losses

One fight on ESPN Aug. 82

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Book: Bible

Favorite Movie:

Passion Of The Christ

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Quote:

"This too shall pass."

     George started Goju-Rtu at the age of 18, right out of high school.  "This was a very tough fighting system for me.  I lost my first tournament and got angry.  So I started training 6 days a week, as I hate to loose.  I went the next 5 years undefeated."

After moving from coast to coast and settling in North Carolina, George began working with Sensei Randy Hoosier who invited him to check out Core Martial Arts.  "From the time I walked in and met the other senseis I knew I was at home and this was where I wanted to train.  Not just the fellowship, but the style, techniques, ippons, power and fun had me right at home here."

Having finding out he had prostate cancer in April, 2011, George thought his journey may be over.  "After having many friends and family praying for me, I had a new outlook and knew I had a Black Belt to earn.  Having had to fly back and forth to Oklahoma for surgery and treatments, it slowed my training a bit.  Two months after surgery, I ran a 5K just to show I'm back and serious.  The journey was still tough but I was still determined!  I knew in my heart God would give me all I needed to obtain my goal.  I am thankful to have been blessed to reach this - the end of the beginning of this journey.  I'm very blessed to have become one of Core Martial Arts Academy's Black Belts.  Thank you Soke, Sensei Randall, and a very special thanks to Sensei Hoosier for all the time and help he's given me!"