Core Values

1.   Any martial art without a moral code is just violence.

2.   Teashikido is eclectic, pragmatic, and evolving.

3.   One who cannot control himself will find it difficult if not impossible to control an opponent.

4.   There are no obvious first strikes in Teashikido, sometimes the best defense is no defense at all.

5.   A weapon is not an enemy: think of hands as swords and swords as hands.

6.   Kata defines a style and is the bridge to prompt and effective disarmament, whereas kumite is the application of style in combat.

7.   Natural and fluid motion trumps that which is tense and forced.

8.   Repetition and equal attention to both sides of the body is the key to instinctive reaction


9.   Blocks and strikes are enshrouding facades.     

10. There is no security in belt color; and the rank of Shodan is simply a doorway to further learning.