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Shihan Randall

Name: Jimmy J. Randall

Birthday: November 11

Dan: Godan


Martial Arts Training in:


Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Book: Bible

Favorite Movie:

Best Of The Best

Favorite Food: Japanese

Favorite Quote: “Don’t give more than you can take.” J. Randall

    Shihan Randall started taking martial arts at the age of 13 under Soke Langford. Soke’s influence lead him into joining with Sensei Beal in 1984. He left in the early 90's for personal reasons but still continued training with Soke Langford. In 2004 he rejoined N.M.A. to finish his training and to become one of our Black Belt instructors. Randall Sensei has a positive attitude and a very demanding demeanor to make our students the very best that they can be.